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Alan Leesmith - Director, International

Allan Leesmith

Alan Leesmith

Alan Leesmith has four decades of experience in CFO and CEO roles in the equipment finance industry. With a wide knowledge of the industry, he has particular hands on experience of vendor finance, treasury, M&A and quoted company matters. He entered the leasing industry in the early seventies. Like so many early practitioners he has remained in it ever since. As a lessor he mainly worked in vendor leasing, starting as a CFO and finishing as CEO at Anglo Leasing plc.

At Anglo he was responsible for leading the company to a full listing on the main London Stock Exchange; raised what at the time were some of the largest syndicated loans in the London Market; undertook the first AAA securitisation of small ticket leases in the UK; issued quoted bonds on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and was involved in a number of takeover transactions. Anglo was acquired twice: each time Alan was appointed to the board of the acquiring company and CEO of the combined leasing operation. In 1997 Alan set up his advisory business, Bavelaw Associates and began researching and advising on the leasing markets of Australia and North America, as well as Europe. In 2003 he joined The Alta Group EMEA and shortly afterwards became Managing Principal. Working with Alta's founder and Chairman, Derek Soper, he helped grow the base of international clients and establish a reputation for extensive knowledge and commercial experience. Alan joined Derek in 2010 in building IAA-Advisory.

In addition to Europe, Alan spends considerable time focusing on Australia, Asia Pacific and China and has undertaken projects for clients in Russia and Georgia. Australia is a market Alan knows particularly well having been going there on business since the last century. Until recently, Alan had for over a decade been Chairman of an Australian company providing insurance services to the equipment and finance industry. This has resulted in an intimate knowledge of the equipment finance industry there. Frequent travel to Australia has led to Alan spending time in Asia Pacific and China.

Since becoming a consultant, Alan has focused on advising manufacturers on the options available to finance sales of their equipment and about their captive finance companies. He has also worked with lessors who provide vendor finance; helped develop strategies to enter new markets; and provided advice to governments and regulatory bodies.

Alan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and a Governor of the Leasing Foundation. He is Secretary General of the Captives Forum: the European trade association of international manufacturer's finance companies, and a regular speaker at international conferences around the world.


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