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  • The Asset Finance – Professionals Association (AF-PA) Open or Close

    Asset Finance Professionals Association


    What are the AF-PA Vision and Aims?

    AF-PA was formed to support the Asset Finance industry and those professionals, from the most senior to the most junior, who work within it. The AF-PA vison is to give back (through networking and charitable events) to all Asset Finance professionals, local communities and good causes).

    The association’s aims are:

    To promote the highest professional standards and sharing of best practices within the Asset Finance markets
    Facilitate networking events, introductions and the vehicles for individuals to realise their personal & professional goals
    To highlight and raise funds for charitable causes, both large and small

    What are our Values?

     The highest levels of integrity in everything we do
     Deliver a great customer experience…every time – talk their language
     Every person counts – supporting everyone to maximise their potential
     To give back – both in community involvement and charitable donations

    Who is AF-PA For?

    The Association is open to all Asset Finance industry individuals (it is not for corporate or organisational membership). Our members have different working roles, titles and come mainly from the banking, lessor, brokering, captives, funders and service organisations within the Asset Finance arena. There are no political agendas and AF-PA prides itself on its democratic approach.

    How does it work in practice?

    AF-PA Trust arranges lunch meetings, social fund-raising events, sporting events and formal dinners. Funds that are raised are donated to both large and smaller local charities, particularly where a significant difference can be made 

  • Data GuardsmanOpen or Close

    captives forumData protection is getting more sensitive; complaints are rising; fines can be severe; company valuations can be damaged. Data Guardsman offers a practical way for companies to take the steps they need to protect privacy.

    In 2013, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the UK's data regulator reported a record number of data protection complaints.

    + 15,492 resolved data protection complaints, resulted in fines totalling £1.97m.
    + In addition there were 12 criminal convictions and 2 cautions.

    Resolved cases rose 10% compared to 2012, and it's a dramatic increase compared to 2011 when the Commissioner did not issue a single fine.

    With new EU regulations coming into force remaining compliant internationally is a challenge that has to be taken seriously: Failure risks fines, jail terms, and reputational damage. Even when no failure has been reported, the absence of a compliance process will also damage the value of an enterprise.

    Data Guardsman helps companies to help themselves to protect privacy & customer data. Its comprehensive approach offers self assessment and then relevant policies to adopt which will improve protection.

    It is a low cost way to protect the value of an organisation. And it is backed by a guarantee in the event that a loss does occur when policies are in place.

  • Captives ForumOpen or Close

    captives forumAn innovative new Trade Association - The Trade Association of Manufacturers’ Finance Companies Limited (The Captives Forum) – was launched in August 2009. This unique Europe-wide association brings together the finance subsidiaries of many of the world’s major manufacturing companies....

    The Trade Association of Manufacturers’ Finance Companies Limited

    Captives Forum

    An innovative new Trade Association - The Trade Association of Manufacturers’ Finance Companies Limited (The Captives Forum) – was launched in August 2009. This unique Europe-wide association brings together the finance subsidiaries of many of the world’s major manufacturing companies.

    Equipment financing is an undisputed major part of the product offerings of many manufacturers, either direct to their customers or via a distributor network, and it is appropriate that there should be a forum to champion this significant channel to market. Equipment manufacturers often have particular issues which are rarely represented by trade associations when matters such as ‘regulation’ or ‘proposed accounting changes’ are being addressed.

    The idea of a captives group was the brainchild of Pitney Bowes and Xerox and resulted in many of the sales finance organisations owned by the major manufacturing companies operating across Europe becoming informal members of a group. This has now been formalised as The Captives Forum.

    The Captives Forum is based in the UK, with meetings rotating between Brussels, Paris, London and other European locations on a regular basis. The day-to-day management is undertaken by International Advisory Associates. They have been instrumental in supporting the development of The Captives Forum from its inception.

    The Captives Forum has an Executive Committee, currently Chaired by Patrick Jelly CEO of Pitney Bowes with Elliot Lennick, Managing Director of MAN Financial Services, Philip D’Uva, Managing Director, Europe, Xerox Global Leasing and Carman Ene of IBM Global Finance.

    Mission Statement and Objectives
    "The European Captives Forum provides a service to the captive sales financing subsidiaries and divisions of equipment manufacturing companies by helping to establish a favourable operating environment; by providing a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues; and by providing information to assist them in their business."
    The Captives Forum is a ‘not for profit’ organisation limited by guarantee. It has the following objectives:

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