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Don Chan - Director, Greater China

Don Chan

Don Chan

Don Chan is an experienced general manager and a seasoned finance and treasury executive. He has more than 25 yrs experience in global and structure finance in China, Hong Kong, Pan Asia and the United States.

Don combines a broad legal and taxation knowledge with exceptional emerging markets experience. Don has proved his effectiveness in starting up new Chinese businesses, including joint ventures, and establishing a formidable market presence. His creative strategic and tactical problem solving skills and the judgement he brings to balancing local practice and the Western way of doing business offer a real depth of understanding to our clients.

Don's 25 years in the leasing industry started in 1986 with AT&T Capital in the US. He worked in Treasury and Finance functions on currency management and securitizations. He liaised closely with AT&T Capital's local businesses as they grew.

In 1994 he was assigned to Hong Kong as CFO to help AT&T Capital expand in the Asia Pacific Region. In 1996, when its leasing industry was going through a very difficult period, he started to cover China: there was only a dozen lessors with average leased portfolios of less than USD 100 million.

In 1997, Don moved to Beijing when he was appointed the first General Manager of AT&T Capital's joint venture in China; this was later acquired by CIT. He saw the Chinese leasing industry grow to a USD100 billion market by 2011 with over 250 lessors. Few can match Don's degree of involvement in developing the Chinese leasing industry: he played a key role, working with Chinese Government to promote the modern Chinese leasing Industry, and helped develop its leasing laws.

Don's most recent position before joining IAA-Advisory was with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions China which he led from its start up in 2007.

Don will concentrate on helping IAA-Advisory's clients in the areas of governance, leasing regulations, sales and marketing, risk, legal, tax, accounting, HR and funding. His business segment experience includes medical, construction, machine tools, printing, energy, education, IT. He already works closely with various Chinese, US and European vendors. As a former treasurer at AT&T Capital, Don has a particular interest in developing competitive funding structures in China, one of the more critical factors for the success of Chinese lessors. This interest extends to the external influences that the Chinese funding market is likely to have on other regions such as Europe.

Don is a Certified Public Accountant and was educated at New York University Graduate School of Business. Fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese dialects as well as English, Don is well equipped to provide independent advice and guidance to overseas lessors and equipment providers. His nuanced understanding of Chinese business complements the skills of his international IAA colleagues working with Chinese companies planning to expand abroad.



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