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John Batty - Director, Credit & Risk Management

John Batty

John Batty

John Batty is an expert in Credit & Risk Management with a 35-year track record in international banking, leasing and asset finance. He has lived in China, Germany, Greece, the US and the UK and worked for major US, UK, Japanese, German and Greek financial institutions. His broad experience of different cultures and business environments helps him to operate well in new markets and with novel transactions.

John is a commercially driven Credit & Risk specialist. He is comfortable in an operating role at executive management level; he excels when challenged to devise creative solutions to complex, structured, asset based deals. He combined these skills in two recent roles:

As advisor to a US private equity group for its investment in a leasing business based in Shanghai. This required a new business strategy and the leadership to make the transition.

Working with an Australian bank: they needed a business plan for its Chinese leasing subsidiary to deliver a risk-controlled origination process.

John also has extensive Mergers and Acquisitions experience. He represented GE Capital in a series of acquisitions of financial and captive leasing companies in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, the Nordic countries, Ireland and Switzerland. A notable success was in structuring a multi-billion dollar bankruptcy-remote captive vehicle for a US office equipment manufacturer.


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