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Structured Finance

Structured Finance

Structured finance was created to help transfer risk using complex structuring, legal and corporate solutions. This transfer of risk, as applied to the securitization of various financial assets, such as Leasing and Asset Financing, mortgages, credit card receivables and auto loans has helped provide increased liquidity or funding sources to markets and transferred risk to the most appropriate institutions. It also permits financial institutions to remove certain assets from their balance sheets as well as provides a means for investors to gain access to diversified asset classes. Some examples of instruments created through securitization include collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and asset-backed securities (ABS).

IAA-Advisory are involved in the following:

  • The creation of New Markets.
  • New Styles of Funding, such as Post IFRS 16 and related structures.
  • Wholesale subscription services.
  • Transaction design and analysis.
  • Assisting new market entrants.
  • Advising on new methods of funding and income generation from Modular Homes.