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Ward van den Dungen, Director, Manufacturer Captive Development

Ward van den Dungen

Ward van den Dungen

Ward is a finance executive with over 25 year's international experience in the office equipment industry. Based in the Netherlands he has spent most of his career in business development, marketing, portfolio finance and financial control.

Ward has broad experience in leasing and financial services in bothe a 'captive' and a 'vendor finance' evironments. He has work in Europe and the US. His first hand knowledge includes vendor programme agreements; captive and vendor finance company operations; business development; financial products; asset management; managed services and lease accounting.

Ward's skills can be summarized as builder and integrator of businesses. He combines strategic thinking with a practical approach; he is results focused and 'hands-on'. Ward can work comfortably at all levels of an organisation. He particularly enjoys working in an international environment with its diverse cultures and people.

Ward joined Océ Technologies B.V. (now a division of Canon) in 1985 having gained a degree in Economics Marketing and Finance. After 8 years spent in marketing and pricing, Ward moved on to finance and business control. Here he carried out a wide variety of roles: From 2000 he was the corporate leasing manager of Océ Technologies; for his USA activities he reported to the Corporate Board; for the business in Europe and the Rest of the World he reported to to the CFO of the Océ Group. In his Group Leasing and Financial services role he was responsible for strategy, policy and procedures for leasing and financial services of the Océ Group. He was responsible for business development strategies; especially the choice between true captive versus co-operation finance with 3rd party funders according to local needs. Within the Océ Group Headquarters he had oversight of all leasing and financial services.



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